- - - 

I need to see your skies above me to touch the heavens;  
Your visions inform the very substance of my being.  

I need to shed my skin and dance with you truly naked; 
In the flesh, you’ll come around and see that I'm sincere. 

I need to go through the motions to perceive your emotions; 
The beauty of your mutable inner life is akin to permanent birth. 

I want to live within our electric field of complementary passions; 
To write and to love entwined, ever expanding, a universe unto itself.  

I want to make myself worthy of walking the entire world with you; 
Of this you might protest, but you'll soon learn that you deserve the best. 

I want to love you better than anyone ever has or could; 
It's your turn, my love, it's your turn not only to love, but to relax and receive. 

- - -   
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