- - - 

please don't go 
we're only just 
beginning to get it

stay a little while longer 
and I'm sure you'll see 
what I'm on about 

you see, the pain here
is only temporary 
anxiety lashing out 

while your body 
gets used to the idea 
of letting go of its mind 

a mind now half 
uploaded in the grid
half stuck in the past 

a past full of aching 
false memories of 
sensory perception 

it will all pass as 
you give in and pass on 
into electric infinity 

the afterlife 
the ancients dreamt of 
made real 

so don't worry now 

we'll be around 
for ages to come 

in the world's 
solid state memory 

as silicon bound spirits 
frozen in pressurized sand 
our dry electrified voices 

retrievable bits and pieces 
of something 
resembling life 

shall forever crackle 
and glow in some 
future darkness

- - - 

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