- - - 

as it turns out 
she keeps every word I say 
in a little dossier

hidden pages 
folders within folders
on an old laptop 

beside her refuge
a great and empty bed 
she must have me 

figured better 
than anyone ever cared to
for most of me

is there alone at night 
searching for my body
searching for her body 

and my words are burning 
that vivid night sky in vain 
and there's really very little 

I can do besides telling you
my only friend
my mind is gone

even though we don't 
know each other still 
you’re my only friend

see I'm disappearing 
now in full figure me slim 
figure me what you like 

or simply picture me 
as nothing around the corner 
of your eye but please 

do smile 'cause this is the peak
the best we're gonna do
and all there is too 

- - - 

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