- - - 

If you have a moment to spare 
Ten seconds to freely subtract 
From life's soft and precious clock  

Let me relate to you in my humble words 
The anatomy of my personal Hell 
And I promise you I'll aim to make it short:

Every lucid little detail in motion 
This without stop: An eternity of want   
A forced vision of absolute clarity 

Hearing, sensing, feeling the warmth  
The breath, the moaning, the groaning 
The yearning, all the sweetest sounds 

Of fiery love consummated in the flesh  
Forever beyond my reach, beyond my grasp 
Yet right there in front of me to see and see;  

For me to watch 
And never to touch    

For me to watch
And never to touch 

For me to watch
And never to touch

- - - 

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"Jeg bliver aldrig den store stripper/men mindre kan vel også gøre det"