- - - 

They say we're numb, careless
wide-eyed entities without
identities, in Their World.

I say we're the only
people left alive
after the ship went down,

the only warm spots on the infrared
after the walls caved in and
the ancient order of things
became Null And Void,

and I say they're absolutely right,
and I say they're On The Money

because I know they'll listen carefully,
predatorily, when I speak the M-word.


They say we're selfish, irresponsible
pleasure-seeking narcissists
without goals in life and beyond.

I say that's exactly why
we'll push things forward, inward, 

and I say that's exactly why
we'll grow vast gardens of
new love and deep attention;

where their tired, nervous bodies 
of absolute control are eventually buried,
we shall dance without fear of what lies beneath

- - - 

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