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Evil is what happens when you're busy pretending your vote will guarantee your moral superiority. 

Evil is charmed by your secret ambition. 

Evil is everybody's day to day business of survival. 

Evil is what comes at night in the shape of thought. 

Evil is an integral part of your shopping list. 

Evil will never let you go once it's in your sway. 

Evil loves you more fiercely than anyone or anything. 

Evil is the sum of all the little things you don't find important. 

Evil is the only mental construct that isn't at all a mental construct.

Evil is the meaningful space between your vacuous postings. 
Evil is the acidic smell on your skin no shower will remove. 

Evil is a layer of industrial sheen on your apple. 

Evil is you and your exact opposite at the same time. 

Evil is you when you just don't know what to do. 

Evil is me when I contemplate the word 'free'. 

Evil is what grows stronger from your denial of its existence.

Evil is what grows stronger from your recognition of its existence. 

Evil is the darkness in my wallet on a sunshiny day at the beach. 

Evil is the future past and present.  

Evil is every potential aspect of now. 

Evil is the incessant attempt to describe itself. 

Evil is the term given without negotiation. 

Evil is this is evil.

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